And we will be glad to see you in
We are delighted to announce that we are about to become a family! This day will be special for us and we want to spend it with our family and friends. We invite you to our wedding with a great pleasure!
The end of the evening
Remember to bring your perfect smile and a good mood.
Collection of guests
Prepare your handkerchiefs in case of the emotional moment.
The wedding ceremony
A time for a good food, dancing and entertainments.
The banquet
Collection of guests: Saint-Petersburg, Kosmonavtov pr., 14 Parking lot of the shopping mall «Piter Raduga»

Transfer to the Palace of Marriage and then to the banquet hall

The wedding ceremony:
Peterhof, Torgovaya pl., 5

The banquet: Saint-Petersburg, Obvodniy channel embankment, 74е The banquet hall «EVENT HALL»
You will be amazing in a black evening outfit with some accent silver accessory!
We want our wedding to be beautiful at all, that's why we will be glad you to follow the dress code!
Also, we will appreciate if you refrain from exclamations «Gor'ko», because a kiss is a way to show our feelings and it can't be ordered.
There is a tradition to give flowers to a wedding couple as a compliment. Please, do not do it, because there wouldn't be a time to enjoy its beauty!
There would be a special zone at our wedding for a fundraising to an animal shelter. We will take all collected funds and items to shelter animals after our event!
That's why we will be grateful if you donate money for a good cause instead off buying a bouquet of flowers. Also you can bring some necessary pet food:
• canned dog food Brit;
• food for sterilized cats Purina (any taste except chicken).

If you want to get a full list of the animal shelter's needs, please contact us!
Please, confirm your attendance and answer some questions!
+7 (921) 918-22-93

Contact our wedding planner on all issues on the day of the event
We hope to see you at our wedding!